Thursday, January 14, 2021

Email campaigns matter: BEE helps millions design great ones

Beautifully designed email campaigns or newsletters are a key feature of effective marketing.  Empower anyone in your organisation to quickly create powerful emails with award-winning BEE – Best Email Editor – and...

Challengermode – A mission to make esports accessible to all

From humble beginnings, where esports was a fringe idea on the periphery of the gaming world, it now has the potential to rival traditional sports both in terms of scale and value. 

Life through a smart glass tint – eLstar Dynamics light the way

Simple to install, durable, versatile and the perfect privacy solution, smart glass is aesthetically pleasing, cost effective and energy efficient. Lennart ten Kate explains how eLstar Dynamics’ innovative glazing technology has the...

Helping Organisations Keep People Safe, Operate Efficiently, and Lower Costs

Field Safe Solutions has been named as one of Business Worldwide Magazine’s Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch, 2020.  Here we discuss what makes their solutions so groundbreaking.

Contino – Removing Stigma, Improving Lives

The Contino concept combines two broad messages - Continence and Continuation.  – Together, they convey the benefits of a revolutionary device  enabling men suffering from urinary incontinence (UI) to get on with...

Making Private Charter Flights More Accessible Than Ever with MJets

Private jets are now widely regarded as the safest way to fly in the Covid era. CEO of MJets Natthapatr Sibunruang explains why it’s also more cost effective than many may think. 

OpenExchange: Innovating in the Face of an Industry-Upending Pandemic

Named in BWM’s list of 20 most innovative companies to watch, 2020. OpenExchange is the premier provider of video meeting, conference, and streaming solutions for financial services & investor communications. Here’s their...

The Female Company – Breaking Down An Age Old Taboo

The winner of the new category ‘Best CEO - Organic and Natural Feminine Care Industry' spoke to Business Worldwide Magazine about the company’s achievements so far, and why its work is so...

Tarnish-Me-Not: Revolutionizing the Jewelry Industry

Synopsis: Tarnish Me Not is a New York based company that’s revolutionizing the jewelry industry. Here we discuss how the company was born and learn how the founders’ entrepreneurial spirit is changing...

Daniel Kilger: Pioneer, Innovator and Entrepreneur

Some are born to be innovators, others entrepreneurs. Daniel Kilger is a rare example of both. A self-professed pioneer of revolutionary techniques and concepts, Daniel not only wants to change the world,...

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