Thursday, October 22, 2020
Business Insight

Business Insight

The Future is Green: The Future is Recycling Solids from Waste Water

No-one likes environmental pollution and most of us view waste water as a burden. For it doesn’t just harm the atmosphere but, in a lot of cases, human health too. And that’s why...

Éva Hegedüs: The Woman Who Invented VideoBank

Hungarian banking CEO and former government deputy state secretary for Economics, Éva Hegedüs isn’t just successful at work – she’s also hugely liked and admired amongst her peers and colleagues. A power to be reckoned with, this...

A New Model for Complex US Litigation

A Q&A with Steven Molo and Jeffrey Lamken Described as ‘Bright, Highly Informed and Gutsy’, MoloLakmen LLP has rapidly established its position as a leading face in the fight against complex litigation. As they...

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