Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Business Insight

Business Insight

EndoCeutics Makes New Strides in Women’s Healthcare

Women's health is a growth industry, but medical research needs to be focused where it matters. We talk to Dr Fernand Labrie, CEO of EndoCeutics Inc. - winner of Business Worldwide’s CEO Awards...

Experience the Unexpected at Myanmar’s Rose garden Hotel

Political stability has led to a growth in Myanmar’s hotel industry. Rani Leena Balagobal, Director of Sales and Marketing tells us why ‘Business is Pleasure’ at the Rose Garden Hotel   Towering pagodas, spectacular archaeological...

Hammer Fiber attack the digital divide

Today’s rapidly evolving technological world means customers demand faster Internet speeds, instant communication and guaranteed reliability. Hammer Fiber seeks to bridge the digital divide, providing diversity and competition across the telecommunication sector. We...

Greenwich HR: Bringing Big Data To Labour Market Intelligence

Accurate labour market intelligence helps organisations make important decisions and boosts the economy, but traditional data collections methods are confusing and incomplete. Minnesota based Greenwich.HR is setting a new standard in the...

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